For those of you who don't know,
I'm a hobbyist songwriter and my name is Darin Scheff.


OLD DEMOS: Please listen to some of my demos that have been recorded over the years.
All the demos below are 15 years old or older. Mostly recorded on the old analog Fostex 8-Track

Song Title Authors Musicians Notes Link
Safe Back In Your Arms: Full Song Darin Scheff, Roxanne Seeman and Tony Smith Darin Scheff, Tony Smith on Keys and programming. Warren Wiebe Lead Vocal and Darin Scheff on Background vocals. This is one of my all time favorites. I also love Warren's singing. Click Here for mp3
Life Goes On: Full Song Darin Scheff and Donny Kerr Guitars: Darin Scheff And Donny Kerr: Bass drums and keyboard programming Darin Scheff. Vocals Donny Kerr This was a song written for Ringo Starr.
Traveling Wilburys kinda thing. Almost made it too.
Click Here for mp3
Don't let love come between us: Full Song Darin Scheff, John Keane and John Goodwin John Keane on Vocals, keys and programmed drums. Guitars from the guitar player of the pretenders. Jason Scheff on Bass This song I love because it was written with my long time friend John Keane. Click Here for mp3
Why did you ever let me go: Full Song Darin Scheff, Jason Scheff and Tony Smith Keys: Darin Scheff, Jason Scheff and Tony Smith. Vocals by Tim Feehan. Guitars by Dawayne Bailey  Nice Ballad Click Here for mp3
Victoria: Full song Darin Scheff Jason Scheff lead/ background vocals, Bass, Guitar solo and piano. Aaron Zigman played the string arrangement. This song was written for my Grandmother Victoria after she passed away. It means a lot to us. We called her Mom. she was like a mother in a lot of ways. Click Here for mp3
Looking Up At Heaven: Full song Darin Scheff Bill Cantos piano, strings, pads and Vocals. This is a song about how god has worked in my life. Click here for mp3
 If it were you Darin Scheff, Jason Scheff and Tony Smith Recorded by the band Chicago on Chicago 21 Good uptemo song Click here for mp3
This link is to Chicago's site and my song is second in the samples you will here once the audio starts playing.
Driven Darin Scheff, Adam Mitchell and Tony Smith Keys and programming Darin Scheff and Tony Smith. Guitars John Parr, Vocals Sherwood Ball Fast up-tempo tune created for Huey Lewis.
He passed on it. Fool!
Click here for mp3
Secretly Loving You Darin Scheff, Danny Mishkit and Dean Gretch Darin Scheff Keys, bass and background vocals. Danny Mishkit on Lead Vocals and Sax. Dean Gretch on Guitar Cool Tune written with some real good friends.
Danny works with Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night.
Click here for mp3
You Don't Know Darin Scheff and Tony Smith Tony Smith and Darin on keys and programming. John Parr on guitar and Tim Feehan On Vocals. Up tempo "Phil Collin's type of song. Click here for mp3

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