Back To Memphis 1997

Dear Fellow Human Beings:

Well, the 20th Anniversary is over. I had a lot of mixed emotions about going to Memphis and playing the show again. I have only been though Memphis a couple of times in the last 20 years. It was in and out with other artists on tour.

Any concerns I had were quickly allayed upon meeting the producer, Stig Edgren and reuniting with associate producer Patrick Stansfield, who I toured with in 1978 for Bob Dylan. They and their fellow production people did a wonderful job.

What can I say about my fellow T.C.B. band members Ron, Glen, and James? They showed once again why Elvis wanted them to be in his band. Also, the "Sweet Inspirations" were, if possible, better than ever. I had not seen the "Sweet Inspirations" and some of the other singers since the last tour, nor had I seen Joe Guercio. I was flooded with good memories of Joe's sense of humor, which has not changed in all these years.

The show itself? A very transcending experience for me. As we rehearsed, I was trying to play with the film, and when did the actual show, I began to play with Elvis. There were times I forgot that his physical body was not with us. At the end of the show, when we were all lined up on stage, and you, the audience, were all on your feet, I was looking at your faces, and I thought I could see the same emotions going through you that I was feeling. They were mixed feelings of elation, sadness, and a sense that we had experienced something entirely different than we had experienced before. Then again, it all had to do with Elvis. What did we expect?

Check the web site every now and then. Maybe we can make this an ongoing correspondence between friends.

Love, Jerry